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Shelley Walker, Chief Executive Director of the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada (WTFC), opens the magazine with details on the good work WTFC is doing to promote professional trucking driving to women.

Mike Millian, President of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC), offers several practical solutions who will help the industry and companies attract drivers that aren’t highly represented in current demographics, including women.


Shifting gears: The trucking profession offers an abundance of opportunities for female drivers

In this article Kimberly Biback, Sharp Transportation Systems Inc., discusses the current state of women working in the industry, the reasons why they aren’t currently behind the wheel, and what’s being done to change this trend.

Women matter: GFL understands that a diverse workforce contributes to success

At GFL, 40% of the company’s most senior executives are women. This article highlights the company’s goal of changing the face of the industry. It also introduces Linda Weatherbie, a general manager at GFL, who says that if you believe in yourself, you can succeed in this sector, no matter your gender.

Driving change: Robust EDI policies will attract more drivers

A one and done initiative isn’t going to cut if for those companies that are ready to drive change at their businesses. A solid equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) strategy that is correctly implemented is key to lasting success.

A vision for safety: iMVR’s IRIS tool trains drivers with 360° technology

How can a VR headset revolutionize driver training? This article discusses the creation, use, and benefits of iMVR’s IRIS tool, which is helping professional drivers train and retain valuable education.


ON THE ROAD WITH… Sandra Graham

Meet Sandra Graham, who has been driving since 1989. She is a safety champion and supports companies in their journeys to make safety a part of their every day culture.


Meet Rindy Napper, a 310T Truck and Coach Technician Apprentice. Rindy is sharing her career journey with thousands of potential new industry recruits through social media, and she’s proud to be changing the stigma around women working as mechanics on Canada’s biggest rigs.


Learn more about Truckers Christmas Group and Trucking for a Cure – two admirable charities doing great work with the help of industry professionals.