Brigade Electronics Launches AI Intelligent Detection Cameras in Canada

By experts at Brigade Electronics  

Brigade Electronics – a market-leading provider of vehicles safety systems – has launched AI Intelligent Detection Cameras onto the Canadian market as part of its ongoing mission to improve global road safety.

The latest addition to Brigade’s portfolio of safety solutions, AI cameras are a new generation of active blind-spot detection that utilize artificial intelligence to recognize humans within a predefined detection zone and warn drivers visually and/or audibly before a possible collision occurs. 

Unlike a traditional vehicle camera, Brigade’s AI cameras are able to classify a possible hazard and let drivers know whether, for example, they are approaching a moving vehicle, a pedestrian, a cyclist or a safety barrier. The camera computer’s machine-learning capability utilizes each encounter to improve ongoing detection rates. 

Brigade Electronics is a worldwide market-leading provider of safety devices and solutions for commercial vehicles and machinery.

This works by the use of a highly sophisticated and thoroughly tested algorithm; Brigade’s engineers have spent thousands of hours working to ensure that as many situations as possible can be covered by the AI camera in the shortest possible time. The detection and categorization of a human hazard could range from a cyclist making a last-minute decision to turn across the front of a truck, a child suddenly running into the road or the unexpected emergence from a van of a mail man with a sack of letters. It recognizes humans of all heights and sizes and covers all the activities which they may be undertaking – jogging, crouching down replacing a tire or pushing a shopping cart – it even encompasses a person lying flat in the road, in the event of someone being taken ill.

Brigade’s products work to reduce the risk of collisions and protect vulnerable road users by minimizing vehicle blind spots and assisting drivers to maneuver safely.

A person detected by the cameras is picked out in high-definition images and displayed in a colored box overlaid on the HD camera image on the driver’s monitor, allowing them to take suitable evasive action in time. The system has an HD camera with all processing power embedded, it’s 20% larger than the previous Brigade models, and the range stretches from the front of the vehicle to three meters out, ensuring comprehensive coverage. 

In the event that a collision is unavoidable, AI cameras can provide crash data collection and analysis which is not only invaluable for fleet managers but also for the emergency services and insurance companies.

Brigade’s product portfolio includes 360-degree camera systems, camera monitor systems, White Sound® reversing alarms, obstacle detection sensors, obstacle detection radar and digital recorders.

AI can be a controversial topic, but Brigade takes its responsible use extremely seriously. AI draws on its data sources to make a decision, and is dependent on pre-learned responses. Any AI used in automotive technology therefore has to use validated data sources which have been meticulously checked, and Brigade products are extensively tested.

There is no doubt that AI cameras are revolutionizing commercial vehicle safety, and experts in the industry are praising their launch as a major breakthrough. 

Thierry Bourgeay, Senior Product Manager at Brigade Electronics, commented:

“The introduction of AI cameras in Canada by Brigade Electronics is set to make a significant impact on the commercial vehicle safety landscape. Their advanced features and capabilities make them an invaluable tool for fleet operators and drivers, ensuring that our roads are safer and more secure than ever before.” 

Founded in 1976 by Chris Hanson-Abbott OBE, Brigade Electronics introduced the very first reversing alarm to Europe and has been at the forefront of championing vehicle and plant safety ever since, pioneering new products, and developing and patenting new technology.

Warren Di Marco, Managing Director at Brigade Electronics Canada, said:

“Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing safety for fleet operators and drivers and our AI Intelligent Detection Cameras are a great example of this. Our AI cameras require no configuration software, so they are quick and easy to install, making them ideal for busy fleets across a range of industries, including transport, logistics, construction, and passenger vehicles like buses and coaches.”

The key benefits of Brigade’s AI Intelligent Detection Cameras are:

  • Produces high definition images,
  • Recognizes and alerts drivers to people in a vehicle’s front and rear blind spot,
  • People detected are shown in a colored box overlayed on the HD camera image on the driver’s monitor,
  • Image processing and detected person overlay are built into the camera,
  • Plug and play – AI cameras connect directly to Brigade’s monitors and, if required, buzzers,
  • Includes Brigade Select range of connectors,
  • Compatible with all Brigade HD monitors and MDR digital video recorders, and is
  • Available in front and rear formats.

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